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I have been receiving treatment for six months. The facility provides a relaxing environment and Dr. Javeed and his staff have provided friendly and professional care. The immune therapy treatment appears to be successful so far with previous visual signs of the cutaneous angiosarcoma gone and w/wo contrast MRI and PET scans clear!

David H.

Dr. Javeed is the angel who lifts me to my feet when my own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Verified Patient

To my favorite doctor! Thank you for my life - I am 4 years cured.

Verified Patient

Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and special care of all of your patients. I appreciate you and I am grateful that you are my doctor.

Marcia L.

I am so grateful for the last six years. You have been kind, supportive and very encouraging. I feel like I am in exceptional hands and that I am getting exceptional care. You all make every office visit and phone call positive. I just can't thank you all enough for the excellent care you provide. Many thanks!

Laura O.

Way back in February when I was meeting you for the first time, I could see the words "Always be humble and kind" in your office from the waiting room. Those words meant so much to me then and became evermore powerful as our journey continued. You and your staff exemplified those words every day. Thank you for being my guide on this journey. I wouldn't have asked for anyone better.


To a wonderful doctor you continually know the 'contacts'!! You have become a blessing to me.

Verified Patient

I am so thankful to Dr. Javeed and his staff for the excellent care and comfort that I have received throughout my cancer bout.

Lois W.

If you want someone to help you through your cancer it is Dr. Javeed and his team! He and his team have been continually professional, respectful, and supportive.

Rian S.

Everytime I called or came in to the office I was greeted with a warm smile and a welcoming hello! I can honestly say with out a doubt I trust these wonderful people.

Lisa D.

Dr. Javeed is a very passionate and caring oncology doctor who knows his craft very well, state of the art clinic.


Dr. Javeed and his staff were professional, caring and provided the best in care on every visit to their office.

Pat M.

I thank him and his staff for the amazing care they give me each and every visit. And for saving my life, of course.

Seana S.

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