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We at Hematology and Oncology Associates have a common vision to provide cutting edge cancer treatment with an unparalleled level of compassion and personal attention. Unlike large oncology practices, out select group of physicians apply their expertise in a more intimate and smaller environment. This allows us to cater to our patients’ needs at every stage – from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

Medical Oncology

As medical oncologists, we treat patients with cancer using a multidisciplinary management approach. The complexity of care for these patients involves treatment options that can include chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy. Treatment may also be as intuitive as lifestyle changes or dietary modifications. Treatment choice depends on various factors. As oncologists, we are trained and strive to continually improve our knowledge to offer the best treatment options for our patients.


As hematologists, we treat patients with blood disorders and blood cell abnormalities. We care and follow patients with blood-related diseases that range from anemia to hematological malignancies. Several treatment options are provided, and if needed, we refer out to transplant centers.

Supportive Services

As patients journey through various treatments, we believe in a holistic approach – one that provides care and support for the mind and spirit. To this end, we soon hope to announce various classes and workshops that highlight education and support for our patients. If you are interested and would like more information, please give our office a call.

In-Office Dispensary 

To provide complete care, our patients can access oral cancer drugs through our medical in-office dispensary. The continuous communication between our patients and their provider ensures continuity of care and treatment efficacy—close monitoring throughout treatment results in better patient outcomes. The providers, pharmacy technicians, and staff will manage all aspects of drug therapy from dispensing to the completion of the treatment. Adherence, possible side effects, and dosage are reviewed and assessed by your healthcare team. Pharmacy technicians work directly with our patients to address insurance coverage and possible options for financial assistance. We strive to follow up with our patients after the initial dispense and ensure that subsequent fills are received on time. Our pharmacy is in full support of the patient’s complete care and wellbeing.

Medical office – Folsom

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Elk Grove Medical Office

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Admin Office

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